Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbanism -

The Challenge - quality of urban life
The 20th century left a legacy of sprawling, densely populated cities in which most of the world’s population resides. The 21st century calls us to further expand and crowd our cities in the interests of protecting nature and the environment. However, how is the quality of life achieved for city residents? What can a city offer them? Can a vibrant urban lifestyle co-exist with a sense of nature in the metropolis?

“Bat-Yam - Urban Action”
the international biennale of landscape urbanism will address these and other questions related to city life in the 21st century.

Urban Action – urban change as a holistic act
The biennale title: “Urban Action” expresses the concept that change in the urban experience is achieved via cooperation between a city’s communities and institutions and the outside factors that influence it. Landscape urbanism represents and enables this mutual relationship.

The international biennale of landscape urbanism
The primary objective of the international biennale of landscape urbanism is to initiate extensive public debate regarding urban activities that influence the quality of life in the city. The biennale will deal with the urban experience and activities that have the power to transform the city into a higher quality, optimistic and vital place. The exhibition, to be held every two years throughout Bat-Yam, will offer exciting solutions to issues related to the urban landscape. Innovative urban approaches based on sustainable urban culture and collaboration between planners, artists, residents and municipal representatives will be presented.

The biennale of landscape urbanism is a continuation and expansion of a process taking place in Bat-Yam in recent years, which has focused on actual and perceived transformations via the upgrading of the city’s open areas as well as the development of the city’s cultural life.