Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbanism -
The Bat Yam Museum for Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of a unique international exhibition which examines the subject of "Hosting"

This theme enables us to examine the different relationships formed within a contemporary art venue, between the museum and the spectator, the artist, and the work of art. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, for three months, the museum will host within its spaces artists collectives and collaborative projects from Israel and abroad.

The roots of collective action are well planted in the history of Art, while in modern time group endeavors saw exceptional prosperity in the 1960’s. Today it seems that the political, social and economic conditions in general - and contemporary Art’s in particular – have again ripened for its return to the artistic arena.

Group action is dynamic and social in orientation, and its natural turf is ex-territorial in relation to any establishment. Inviting collective efforts into the museum’s space calls for re-examination of the museum’s boundaries and its traditional modes of operation, and invokes the need for setting new standards – from the process of selecting the works to the manner of their presentation in the museum space.

MOBY Hosting offers hospitality itself - with its rules and essential interrelations - as a possible mode of operation within this new set of circumstances. It originated with an invitation - an open call for proposals, published a few months before the exhibition, which produced numerous offers from groups from around the world. Once in the museum, these guest-groups have become hosts themselves for the third party making up the fundamental relationship within the museum – the spectator.

The exhibition addresses the questions which arise from the complex state-of things that have been summoned to the museum’s doorstep – Can a museum be ’a host ’? If so how? Does hosting within the museum space necessitates the setting of rules? If so, what are those? Who sets them and in what fashion?

Curators: Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Leah Abir

Some of the groups showing in the exhibition:

Alina and Jeff Bliumis (NYC), ESCAPE Program (Moscow), Jazzstylecorner (Berlin), Societe Realiste (Paris), Incas of Emergency (Santiago), Alfred Gallery, Ma’an Association / Etgar Magazine / Video 48, Littal Dotan and Eyal Perry, Tnuaa’ Tziburit (Public Movement), and more.